CCTV report: short of boxes! Lack of class! Foreign trade enterprises have a large backlog of products! Orders surge, but delivery is difficult! What's the matter?

Column:Company News Time:2021-04-14
A third party Internet platform in the industry for 18 years. Pay attention to us, walk in the forefront of foreign trade logistics!
A third party Internet platform in the industry for 18 years. Pay attention to us, walk in the forefront of foreign trade logistics!

Take Ningbo as the representative, according to the "Maritime Silk Road Index" released by Ningbo Shipping Exchange on the 7th, Ningbo's export container freight index closed at 2597.4 points, hitting a new record high. The personage inside course of study analyses, before September this year, container sea freight price drops very hard.

According to the data, out of 21 global airlines, 16 saw their freight index rise, while only five saw their index fall. Among the major ports along the Maritime Silk Road, 12 ports have seen their freight rates rise.

According to CCTV financial reports, the freight rate of a high container on European routes has exceeded $9,500; The freight rates of the east and west routes have broken through five figures; Already, rates are as high as $5, 600 and $4, 400 for flights east and west.

The high freight rates are mainly due to the stable situation of the epidemic in China, the influx of a large number of overseas orders and the temporary shortage of capacity in major airlines. In a foreign trade company in Zhejiang, orders from Europe and the United States have been scheduled until August. Due to lack of space and boxes, less than 10 containers are shipped every day, resulting in a large backlog of products.

Some foreign trade enterprise in ningbo, zhejiang province, deputy general manager, said: "today the only 9 containers, if we basically every container in more than 30, but container is tight, a case is hard to find, plus the cost of the container has increased a lot, in some cases to use money to buy, so the delivery pressure on us."

The logistics enterprises between the shipowner and the shipowner, the workload is increased several times, they are receiving goods and looking for ships every day.

"Less than 50 percent of our daily orders are actually shipped now," said the president of a logistics group in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The shortage of cabins and containers still exists."

Despite the increased costs, most companies are actively booking space and seeking shipments. Some enterprises began to negotiate with foreign buyers, trying to raise the price of their products and other ways to maintain profits and stabilize production.