Congestion warning! Cargo ship capsizes in Ho Chi Minh port, 18 containers fall into river!

Column:Company News Time:2021-05-11
At about 8 am on April 26, a cargo ship docked at Heep Fuk New Port (TCHP) in Napa Pih County, Ho Chi Minh City, suddenly tilted and 18 containers fell into the river.

The 2,470-ton Mongolian vessel Alicaulaanbaatar was carrying 54 containers at the Port Bridge when it careened and 18 of them fell into the Skropler River as it was about to leave the new port of Xiefu for Indonesia.

The crew of 10 Indonesians, Indians and Malaysians escaped with no casualties.

After the accident, various Ho Chi Minh City departments are rushing to rescue the capsized container ship at the port, looking for sunken boxes to avoid disrupting other shipping routes and diverting vessels passing through the waters. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Large cargo ships have capsized in the region's rivers before. In 2019, a cargo ship carrying 285 containers capsized and sank, causing port congestion and taking nearly a month to process 150 tons of oil floating in the river and salvage the wreck.

Hereby to remind the freight forwarders involved in Vietnam business, as soon as possible to know whether there is cargo loaded on this vessel, timely contact processing ~

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